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The FIPCureRx Yearly Insurance Plan is a 1-year renewable insurance policy that covers the cost of FIPCureRx All-In-One Oral Capsules for cats with FIP.


FIPCureRx All-In-One Oral Capsule is a treatment of Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP). The Yearly Insurance Plan can help you pay for FIPCureRx All-In-One Oral Capsules and give you the peace of mind you need to care for your cat.


FIPCureRx™ FIP Treatment Insurance Yearly Renew-Plan

Artikelnummer: FCRINSA
Einmaliger Kauf
199,00$jährlich für 2 Jahre
179,00$jährlich für 5 Jahre
169,00$jährlich bis zur Kündigung
  • the FIPCureRx Yearly Insurance Plan is only valid after 3 months from the date the policy is purchased. If your cat has already been infected or has risk in infection, please contact us immediately to purchase FIPCureRx All-In-One Oral Capsules.

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