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fip medication for cats

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Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP) is a fatal disease that affects cats of all ages. It can cause inflammation in various organs and tissues, leading to serious complications. The mortality rate for FIP is high, with about 96% of cats dying if the disease is left untreated. It is estimated that 1-2% of cats worldwide are affected by FIP each year.

10000+ Cats Saved.

>92% Clinical Efficacy Rate


Feline infectious peritonitis (FIP) is no longer a death sentence!

With the game changers, like GS-441524 and Molnupiravir (EIDD-2801), this once-fatal disease is now easily treatable

FIPCureRx™ Program is committed to making this most effective solution accessible to cat owners and veterinary professionals so that they may use it to save the lives of cats. 


FIPCureRx™ Treatment can cure FIP in both wet and dry forms. This treatment has a clinical efficacy rate of 92.7%, which means it works for over nine out of ten cats.


Why FIP Can be Treated


FIP was once untreatable.
However, with the Covid-19 Pandemic breaks, people are developing medicines to stop Covid-19 (the single-stranded RNA virus).
The Game Changer for FIP Treatment is coming.

gs 44152 For Fip Cure

The Game Changers

The Game Changers

As FIP is caused by a single-stranded RNA virus called feline coronavirus (FCoV). Thus the GS-441524 and EIDD-2801, which developed for Covid-19, accidently have shown promise in treating feline infectious peritonitis (FIP).


Now the FIP is treatable.


How it Works


Both of GS-441524 and EIDD-2801(Molnupiravir) work by targeting the virus's RNA polymerase, an enzyme that the virus needs to replicate. By blocking the RNA polymerase, these drugs prevent the virus from making copies of itself.

how the GS-441524 and EIDD-2801 work for curing Feline Infectious Peritonitis FIP

More Effective,

Less Painful

Less Risk in Neurological Side Effects


An effective dosage for Molnupiravir in cats with FIP can also be calculated from available data on Covid-19 treatment. With the Clinical studies, an effective subcutaneous (SC)dosage for Molnupiravir would be approximately only one-half the recommended 4 mg/kgSC q24h starting dosage for GS441524. 




For All Stages of FIP Infection



The early stage of FIP is often mild and may be difficult to diagnose. Symptoms may include intermittent fever, slight decrease in appetite, weight loss, and lethargy.



The middle stage of FIP is characterized by worsening of the early stage symptoms, as well as the development of new symptoms such as ascites (fluid buildup in the abdomen), diarrhea, anemia, and jaundice.



The late stage of FIP is the most severe stage and is often fatal. Symptoms may include stopped feeding, cloudy eyes, loss of coordination, paralysis, and convulsions.


Just Oral is Enough

With its new and improved formulation, FIPCureRx™ All-in-One oral capsules are now effective for all stages of feline infectious peritonitis (FIP).

There is no need for injections, which saves time and is much less painful for cats. This is a major breakthrough in the treatment of FIP.

FIPCureRx All-in-One Oral Capsule

All-in-One Oral Capsules

FIPCureRx™ is a FIP-Free treatment program that delivers the leading advanced compound formulations to help people save their cats' lives. We have successfully applied it in over 10,000+ cases worldwide through our distribution network of on-site pet hospitals and clinics. Based on the excellent results, we have launched the FIPCureRx™ online program early August of 2023.


Oral Only

No Injection Required.

Each capsule contains >35mg


Effect could be see

Clearly Improvement see within 7 days


Free Trial Available

FIPCureRx Provides Free Trials

FIP Cured Lucky Cat



Treatment Cases

Proven Solution

with Clinical Studies

Apply Both for


See the Difference Within 7 days.

  • Just 30 Days < 84 Days Treatments.

  • Proven by 10k cats in Clinical Oral Applications

  • Help Your Cat Recover Faster from FIP

  • Backed by Scientific Research and Proven Results

  • Safe, Natural, and Effective for Your Cat’s Health


Case Report

We strongly recommend you to report your FIP treatment case to Dr. Diane D. Addie PhD, BVMS, MRCVS with link below (Dedicated to FIP research and awareness).


By sharing your experience, you can help other cat owners and contribute to the fight against this deadly disease.

For case reporters, FIPCureRx will ALSO provide 50% discount of treatment coupons.

Our Guarantee

We provide refunds for unopened vials and capsule packs of Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP) treatment in accordance with our policy. 

Fast Delivery with DHL


US, Europe, UK & etc
1 to 3 business days to all cities.
3 to 5  business days to village towns


FIPCureRx is initiated by a leading diagnostic test kit supply team with over 12 years of experience in veterinary diagnostics and services. As an upstream service provider in the hospital diagnosis and treatment industry, we have been exposed to a large number of clinical cases in the industry and obtained the most beneficial first-hand data from them. Based on these large-scale data and results, we launched the FIPCureRx program to share our findings with more people and help them save cats.

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